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Pregnancy #2: Weeks 7-13

December 30, 2017

I really, really want to catch up my pregnancy recap before my winter vacation ends! (But I also want to keep vegging out and being lazy...soooo yeah). I know about 6 people actually read this, but I did this the “old school way” (aka pen + paper) for my first pregnancy and LOVED going back to look at it. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or energy to make a sweet scrapbook like last time...so this will do the trick! 


Week 7:

This was the week after the Army 10 Miler and I was totally in the thick of first trimester terror. Tired. So tired. So unmotivated to work out. Eating carbs and fried food like it was going out of style. Ugh. 



But, I ALMOST signed up for a half marathon. I was still pretty down about ATM and wanted some sort of redemption. Fortunately, Casey convinced me that my body didn’t need that level of stress right now, so I signed up for the 5k instead! 


Week 8: 


Very much the same as Week 7. When I say I was dragging...I was dragging. To make it worse, my partner at work had a terrible family emergency and had to miss the entire week. (Fortunately everyone ended up being okay, but he needed that time to take care of his wife and kids). The low of week 8 was definiatly going to do field training solo. Nothing worse than slugging it out in the woods, pregnant, with no backup! 



The high was definitely the Go Commando 5k that I signed up for the week prior. Casey and I ran it together, and decided to run by feel (no GPS). And I felt surprisingly great! We started near the back and I bobbed and weaved my way to the front, finishing just under 21 minutes to win first overall female! 


Week 9-10:


The end of week 9 through the beginning of week 11 were spent in the field for a big training exercise. While field training is not “fun” or “comfortable,” my current job is inherently safe — low risk for accidents that could hurt baby — so while I technically didn’t have to go train, I didn’t see a reason that I shouldn’t. So, I trained. 


My comfort level was low...very low. Perhaps the biggest blessing was the long periods of darkness. I could totally justify going to sleep at 8 pm and sleeping until almost 7!!! I also had to ditch some of my military gear, like body armor. The 30+ pounds of bullet proof-ness is good for training...except when you’re pregnant, bloated, and it’s already hard to breathe! I also really only ate carbs...oatmeal, rice, granola bars...while training. The mass produced Army food just wasn’t too appealing at that point! 


We told our families that I was pregnant right before Casey and I left to train, and by the time I hit 11 weeks at the end, I started telling some co-workers. It was important for me to complete this training before sharing the news, and I didn’t want anyone questioning my ability to continue doing my job while pregnant. 


Week 11: 


Finally home! I was still tired, but the small bouts of nausea were finally subsiding. 


During what I thought was Week 11, we got our Sneak Peek gender determination test and found out we were having a baby boy! But a few days later, we went to my very first midwife appointment and after a quick ultrasound, we found out we were a little bit off...I was actually 12 weeks pregnant. My due date shifted up from early June to late May, and I basically skipped a week of pregnancy! 



Week 12/13:


So at this point, I got to fast forward through a week and was finally leaving the first trimester! We flew to San Diego for Thanksgiving, and shared our gender news with both families for Thanksgiving! 


I started to feel “normal” again...less tired, no nausea, and eating vegetables! The first trimester is SUCH a butt kicker! But I entered December feeling great, and ready to really enjoy this pregnancy! 



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