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Holiday Gifts for the Fit Moms in Your Life!

December 19, 2017

For the Mom-To-Be


1. SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test $79 // This at-home test allows her to determine baby’s gender at just 9 weeks pregnant! 

2. Glow Body PT’s 12-Week Post Pregnancy Plan  $99 // Ashley Keller is a world-class triathlete, mom, and a pre-and-post natal fitness expert. This 12-Week plan will help her lose weight, heal diastasis decti, rebuild strength, and feel amazing after baby comes! 

3. Nuun Hydration $5-7 each //  Hydration is so important during pregnancy and postpartum, but water gets boring and sports drink are full of added sugar. Nuun tablets allow active moms to add flavor and electrolytes to their H2O without all the extra junk. 

4. Karvd Glider 4-Way Jacket $149 // The perfect jacket to grow with her during a winter pregnancy or to give her the ability to bring baby outside for some fresh air in cold weather. 

5. Belly Bandit BFF  $79.99 // This is a MUST-HAVE for after baby comes. The BFF helps the uterus shrink and organs find their way back into place while giving mom some extra core support, too.  


For the Mom with a Baby or Toddler


1. Run Hard Mom Harder T-Shirt $32 // A little motivation (and reminder of reality) as she navigates postpartum fitness. Plus it’s made by Lauren Floris of The Foodie Runner who just ran a 2:44 at CIM barely a year postpartum! 

2. SippiGrip $8 // Because there’s nothing worse than stopping multiple times to pick up toys and sippy cups during your run. 

3. WavHello SoundBub $49.99 // A portable Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine to help her keep a kiddo entertained on the go!

4. Contigo Spill Proof Tumbler $9.99 // I’ve tried them all, and this is the ONLY sippy cup that actually is spill proof! 

5. Busy Board $75 // We made one for Grace, and she LOVES it! If you aren’t into DIY, there are plenty of Etsy shops selling pre-made versions. 


For Any Fit Mom on Your List


1. Milestone Pod $29.95 // Their pitch is “Go Beyond Pace.” The power of a Garmin PLUS feedback on your stride, ground contact, foot strike, and so much more! 

2. Erica Sara Designs Custom Race Necklace $68 and up // Commemorate her first, best, or most meaningful race with an elegant necklace she can wear on the roads and in the office. 

3. Hello Regalo Wearable Pocket $31 USD // Using a super-strong magnet that attaches to her shorts, this pouch holds her phone, ID, and keys while she works out. 

4. Zensah Racey Sports Bra $39.99 // The softest, stretchiest, most comfortable sports bra out there! 

5. Audible subscription From $14.95 per month // If she’s logging lots of miles, music alone doesn’t always cut it. Let her multi-task by enjoying a brand-new audiobook on the go! 


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