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My First Stitch Fix Review!

December 3, 2017

When it comes to shopping for clothes, I’m the WORST at getting outside my comfort zone. If you look in my closet, you’ll see a lot of the same thing over and over again...same jeans. Same gray sweater in three different styles. Same white t-shirts. Same pullover in navy, cream, and oatmeal. Occasionally, I’ll buy a pop of color—but when I do, it’s a BIG deal. 


While there’s nothing wrong with owning my style, I really do want to try fun, new clothes from time to time! But most Army towns are small, suburban, and don’t offer much outside of Old Navy and JC Penney. So when I saw that Stitch Fix waived the first month’s styling fee in November, I jumped at the opportunity to try something new!


Photo: Stitch Fix


For those who don’t know, Stitch Fix is a an online styling service that is customized for you! Once you sign up and fill out your style profile, a Stitch Fix stylist will carefully select five pieces that fit your style and send them to you to try out. You have three days to try on the clothes you receive, which also come with a personal note and styling suggestions. Keep what you like; return what you don’t in the prepaid envelope. You can order a different intervals (every two weeks, every month, every three months), and leave notes for your stylist if you have specific requests (like a dress to wear to an outdoor wedding). It’s super easy! 


I received my first Fix last week. It was delivered right to my door, and I couldn’t wait to rip into it! I had asked for a nice pair of jeans and some tops to carry me through the holiday season.



The first thing I tried on were the Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean. I have a really hard time finding jeans that fit my athletic, long legs and average waist, so I asked my stylist to give it a try. They fit LIKE A GLOVE and were so soft and stretchy! Definitely a KEEP! 



I also threw on the Alysse Cross Back Pullover, which was also perfect. It was a light purple color, and the knitting was to die for. It had a cute little back detail that I loved, too. And who can say no to a cozy sweater as winter is setting in? Another KEEP!



Next up was this plaid infinity scarf. It looked great with the pullover, and the plaid print is obviously very seasonal. It would have been a keep if the price tag wasn’t $34...I just can justify spending that much on a scarf. RETURN.


The final two items were lacy blouses that definitely fulfilled my request for holiday tops, but unfortunately neither were flattering. The black blouse’s sleeves were awkwardly short and tight, and the loose fit of the chiffon did nothing for my body. The teal top was made of a thicker fabric that really didn’t hang well on my body. These were both RETURN items. 


Overall, I was extremely happy with this Stitch Fix! I got a great pair of jeans and a cozy pullover, both of which make it a win! Even the items I didn’t keep were in line with what I specifically asked for, so I can’t complain. There is a $20 styling fee associated with each Stitch Fix you receive, but that fee is applied toward any clothing you choose to keep. 


I’ve signed up for quarterly Stitch Fixes, mainly because I wear a uniform every day to work and don’t need a ton of new clothes right now. However, I’m planning to give a few months of Stitch Fix as a Christmas gift to some of the ladies in my life who deserve a personal stylist! I think it’s an awesome buy for new moms (who have NO time to shop for themselves), pregnant moms (Stitch Fix offers maternity styling), and anyone who just wants to mix up their wardrobe!  


If you want to give Stitch Fix a try, click HERE to use my referral link! (Full disclosure: For every person who orders a Fix through this link, I get a $25 credit to use toward my next Fix)

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