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About Coach Erin

Hi! My name is Erin, and I started Run Strong Mama in 2017 as an Instagram page to document my journey as a new parent trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. In the last year and a half, I've earned my RRCA coaching certification, watched my baby grow into a toddler, and added a little boy to the family in May 2018! We've spent the last three years at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and are now in Boston where both my husband and I will attend graduate school.

My ultimate goal in sharing my journey is to inspire others to "Chase their Inner Athlete." Even though I've been out of college athletics for almost 7 years, it's still a part of me and I feel better when I am competing and pursuing challenging goals! As a mom who pours her heart and soul into her kids and a military officer who works up to 60 hours per week, I know how challenging it can be to balance the grind of real life with training -- and also how important it is to have an athletic outlet in your busy life. I love to help busy people, and especially my fellow mothers, train and chase down PRs!

I'm new to blogging, but I'm excited to share my training plans and recaps, as well as the tips and tricks I use to improve my performance. I'll also be sharing some insights on my life as a working mother. Enjoy!


-RRCA Level 1, March 2017

Running Experience

- 5x half marathoner (PR 1:38)

- 1x marathoner (3:52)

- 5k PR: 19:45 (November 2018)

- 10 mile PR: 1:10 (April 2017)

Athletic Background:

- Division 1 basketball player at the US Military Academy at West Point (2007-2011)

-2x 1st Team Academic All-American.

-1,400+ points and 1,000+ rebounds.